My high school art teacher, Virginia Carnes, is responsible for cultivating my interest in art and enhancing my technical skill in painting. She encouraged me to be fearless and to pursue my own artistic agenda vs. what was fashionable or en vogue. For awhile, I was told that painting was becoming an outmoded form of artistic expression, which she helped me ignore.  


While not a traditional path for an artist, I received my bachelor’s in International Studies and French. I used my summers and free time to further my artistic interests and grew to love painting acrylics on canvas – mostly large scale paintings.


After moving to Boston, I worked in marketing and sales before pursuing a Master’s in Museum Studies. Shortly thereafter, I began to work in higher education for an international business school, INSEAD, with campuses in France and Singapore. These two very different parts of the world inspired a range of styles and subjects in my paintings.


After close to a decade overseas, I moved back to Boston with my husband and two children. Working in admissions and marketing for Harvard Business School and more recently executive search for Storbeck Pimentel - both opportunities have provided me a strong foundation for launching my own venture, Gallery Six Thirteen which opened its doors May 27, 2017.  

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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