My art is very simply an expression of the ideas that move me along with my desire to capture what happens within me through color and design. I borrow heavily from other artists in the process of finding the style I want to create but very much consider my own images as finding themselves as I bring them to life. I experiment shamelessly with different mediums and test methods that span paintbrush, paint, canvas, ink and paper to the layering of digital images and other works -- some physical some only pixels -- as they become my own.  I mix and blend styles in a way that feels *right* to me.

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My Story

Virginia Carnes, my high school art teacher, taught me about the inherent freedom to explore different art forms along with a heavy dose of Art History. I credit her support with what I do artistically today. Though she passed away, she remains very close in my thoughts and is deeply embedded in my heart. Without her attention, time, and patience, I would not be painting, drawing, or sketching as I do now.

Art is meditative for me. Through it, I learn as I see, process and interpret the world around me and my feelings about it all -- the wonder, beauty, anguish, and awe. Ultimately, I hope to create images that are new, that the would never see were it not for my work.  I aim to leave an impression, inspire an emotion, or create pathways for feelings to weave ways into a viewers heart. As Virginia found her ways into mine, I believe art can create connection and establish a sense of belonging due to inherent exploration.  I am fascinated with the ways in which lines can capture sentiments that are both profound in nature but simple in design. 

Beyond my classes with Virginia, I am not formally trained but rather an artist who learns from and leverages the work of others as I continue to search for what is still evolving as mine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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