Karla is passionate about the idea that art is one of the purest forms of expression and enjoys sharing her vision and perspective with those who enjoy her approach and insights. Karla believes that art is for everyone and works hard to dispel the notion that deep knowledge, expertise, or even direct experience creating is needed to appreciate or enjoy the arts.


Karla credits her development in fine art with her art teacher from middle and high school, Virginia Carnes while studying at the Westminster Schools of Atlanta. She draws inspiration from her Danish and British heritage, travels in Europe and Asia Pacific, and her seven years living between France and Singapore. Though based in Boston, she travels frequently and holds pop up exhibitions wherever she is able.



The Martin Gallery (Copenhagen), Saatchi Gallery (London), and Salon R (Cambridge & Watertown) have supported Karla's efforts to share her work with viewers and patrons. She also offers online classes for different age groups and levels of experience. Email: karla@karlacohenart.com for more information.